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" Inspired transformation through the act of radical self-care"


Carla Young is a Licensed Hair Artist, with a concentration on natural textured Afro Hair. As a native of Washington, D.C. the city was the soil where her dreams began to grow, as a young person she had a gift for taking care of her own hair and soon after she started styling family and friends, this was excellent practice that help to build passion and confidence for transformative creativity. Working in the beauty industry for over 10 years, Carla has had the opportunity to lend her philosophy and perspective to influencers and other natural brands she has gained invaluable experience operating in various salons, freelance with other creatives,  and most importantly with clients. Being a source to a solution by using natural  herbs, vitamins, and essential oils to remedy and treat hair and scalp became a necessary regime, dual-use handmade beauty for hair and skin became a goal,  plus after formulating her Hair Tea for a client and seeing the results was further confirmation to move forward with establishing her belief in the form of  CatalystProject. This product line meets the needs of natural, textured, and coily hair, with an emphasis on reducing the amount of moisture lost to the hair strands. With a commitment to educate on the benefits of using clean beauty we bring you nourishing, ethically hand-made, natural products that inspire radical self-care and spark the Catalyst in you.

Our Story
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